GFDD Embers Cap

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GFDD Embers Cap
GFDD Embers Cap
GFDD Embers Cap
GFDD Embers Cap
GFDD Embers Cap
GFDD Embers Cap

As kids - we used to get one match each for the weekend camping trip. We’d almost always use them all up getting the fire started (the hardest part) and we’d have to bury our fire each night as it burned down. Every morning, we’d wake up and uncover the embers and use kindling we’d find in the woods to get it burning again for breakfast.

A hat inspired by the last moments of a summer campfire, the moments they illuminate and the smell they leave on your clothes as a reminder of the memory. May this cap be a reminder that if there’s still an ember, it can turn into a wildfire with the right fuel. We exist to be that fuel for our community - burn, burn, burn.  🔥

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