Risk Happy Patch

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Risk Happy Patch
Risk Happy Patch

“Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable than risk being happy.” - RA

There is a mold for all of us. There is a status quo. There is, whether you realize it or not, an expectation of us for how we live our lives. Most of us will fall into that mold. We’ll conform over time to eventually “play in our lane” and meet or even exceed the expectations of your peers, parents, family, etc….and guess what...that’s OK. IF you’re happy.

If you’re not, then please trust us when we say it’s not too late to dream again. It’s not too late to pursue the things that excite you most, the things that ignite passions and set you on fire. The things you keep putting on some imaginary calendar that has “someday” on it. Even more dangers — “maybe someday.” Please recognize that those words have played out over and over as regrets. What if you began to break the mold and started today? We double dare you…

3.5"x1.5" (sew on and velcro available).

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