The Original Tank Wallet

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Ok so you know the situation... you’re embracing the freedom and magic of the open road, letting two wheels move the soul and after about 107 Miles, you notice a pain in the ass. Not your buddy with the underpowered CB350, we mean a literal pain in your ass. It’s your outdated, made for civilians, under-engineered made in bangledudewhoknowswhere wallet. 

You take it out of your back pocket and stuff it in your front pocket while you schedule a chiropractic appointment upon your return to wherever you can from. After stuffing it in your obviously not-made-for-a-wallet front pocket; that babe you see riding the Sportster ‘48 pulls up at the pump next to you and your wallet makes it appear that you’re extra happy to see her... if you’re picking up what we’re putting down. Embarrassed, you take your cursed wallet out and throw it as far away from you as your pitching arm can manage. You ride away; no gas, no money, full of shame and regret and your tank hits empty on the hot desert, where you have to push your bike until you pass out from heat exhaustion and dehydration, lying there to die, buzzards circling heavily...

...and along rides us. Go Fast Dont Die to the rescue with the ultimate motorycle wallet. Your life is saved, your dignity shall be restored and your heart will go on. Just promise us you won’t let go. 

The Original GFDD Tank Wallet is a mighty mini-monster of a billfold. Handmade in the USA by our team of moto-enthusiast makers, this wallet is not only small enough not to cause your back to go out, it will easily fit in a front pocket, shirt pocket, or no pocket. No pocket, says you? That’s right, the Original GFDD Tank Wallet comes with a built in tank magnet that sticks to your tank and has been tested at over 125 MPH to stay on. It features a snap/ strap combo to go over the top of your cards/ cash so they don’t blow out on the ride. Not to mention, it’s a gorgeous two tone, handstitched product with the motto burned right into the strap. You’ll have the raddest wallet the good Lord ever let be made. Stop the struggle, embrace the freedom. 

Order now, due to the nature of their production, these are EXTREMELY limited in quantity! Go! 


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