Marketing Manager

The mission for this role is to manage, produce and deliver content drenched in authenticity and our core values, in order to deepen the emotional connection to our customer, and to inspire our audience and community to action. Your job would be to make everything as rad as possible.

We're looking for a partner that sees these tasks not as something they can do, but a reflection of the kinda person they already are…

  • Manage and utilize our small and tight-knit team of creators

  • Represent the voice of the brand through written and video content.

  • Take both quantitative and qualitative feedback from our community to improve our marketing and content strategies

  • Plan and execute a predictable and sustainable cadence of quality content that adds value to the lives of our audience.

  • Create project plans and coordinate the variables needed to enable smooth team execution.

To apply, email and send us:

  • Your resume and portfolio (if applicable)

  • A video (5 min or less) or written document explaining your why

  • 3 references (minimum)

Some prompts:

  • What moment in your life are you most proud of?

  • What gives you energy?

  • What saps your energy?

  • What is something unique that you bring to the world?

  • What is something you often find yourself contributing to?

  • How do you see yourself contributing to an organization, mission, or business?

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