Don't Lose, Heart Tee

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Don't Lose, Heart Tee
Don't Lose, Heart Tee
Don't Lose, Heart Tee Don't Lose, Heart Tee
The “Don’t Lose, Heart” Tee

This piece is rooted in the small stuff, the “death by a thousand cuts”, the rock in your shoe keeping you from your life’s summit.

It’s a fan club jersey for that beating heart in your chest. It beats for a reason and it’s not just to eat, sleep, pay bills and die.

Negative self-talk, talking down instead of toasting your accomplishments, “I’m not good enough”, “maybe another day”, or “I’m not ______ enough.” These are the enemies of your heart's desire for your life - destroy them.

Don’t Lose, Heart Tee - Destroy what Destroys You Collection 22/23

We don’t care what you wear, we just care that you wear what you care about.

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