The Mechanic's Tee - I Hate Motorcycles
The Mechanic's Tee - I Hate Motorcycles
The Mechanic's Tee - I Hate Motorcycles

Go Fast Don't Die

The Mechanic's Tee - I Hate Motorcycles

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Isn’t it interesting how a hero needs a villain? The very thing that opposes all that is righteous and good is simultaneously the thing that defines their role as a hero. Batman needed Ra’s Al Ghul, Thor needed Loki, the X-Men needed Magneto and the hero that is riding a motorcycle on an open road with a full tank and an empty schedule... needs motorcycle maintenance. Though we may say a word or two our mothers wouldn’t approve of when we drop that bolt and it doesn’t hit the ground, disappearing into the mystic Bermuda black hole that is a motorcycle... it is a necessary evil to our chosen lifestyle. And so it is, we pay homage to this villain that is fixing broken bikes with: The Mechanic’s Tee.


Wear it with pride, patience, and a mind on when the work is done and you get to change out to your Safety Second tee and hit that magical open road once again. Catch you out there, folks.

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