The Original Go Fast Don't Die Neon Sign

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Listen, we didn’t start this brand to make stuff. We started this brand to DO stuff. But since stuff is a fun part of the equation - we decided if we’re gonna make stuff, we’re gonna make  awesome stuff that makes doin’ awesome stuff awesome-er. We make it our business to go do life the raddest way we can think of, and sometimes we find ourselves in our garage late at night working on awesome stuff. Where we goin’ with this? We’ll shed some light on just that.

We made a STELLAR GFDD Neon Sign that is EXACTLY the type of stuff you should be collecting in your garage or creative space. Now you can do awesome stuff by the bright light of awesome stuff.

Introducing the GFDD Neon Logo Sign - It’s lit.

Black acrylic backing, led lights, and silicone tubing. 2 year warranty so your light keeps shinin’. Tag us when you get ‘er placed - we wanna see where you all put these bad boys. Limited stock available and these babies take a while so once they’re gone - they’re gone for a while. Don’t sleep. Well… at least not until after you grab on of these signs. Sleeping is important.

Dimensions: 17"x15"

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