"28,835 Days..." 🏁 On Any Sundays

“No such thing as spare time, no such thing as free time, no such thing as down time. All you got is life time. Go.”

— Henry Rollins


You can do all this on your phone but we'd love it if you'd get a pen and paper for this one...

Here's the equation: 28,835 - (your age x 365)

Step 1. Take your age and multiply it by 365 

Step 2. Subtract that number from 28,835 

Got it?

This is, on average in the US is the number of days you *might* have left.

But wait... there's more. On average:

You will sleep somewhere around 9500 of those days. 
You'll spend 5000 of those days on your phone.
You'll spend 3200 of those days at work. 
You'll spend 1100 of those days commuting. 
You'll spend 1500 of those days doing household activities like cleaning, shopping, feeding pets, etc.
671 days bathing, grooming, and other bathroom-related activities. 
720 days doing community activities like charity, service, classes, etc. 

We'll pause there...

How many days might you have left?
What will you do with those days? 
How will you rearrange priorities in your life to have a great story to tell at the end of them?
When will you start?
What if you started now?

What if you started with this piece of paper?


Clock's tickin'.
Start LIVIN'.


PS. Happy Halloween, yall! For the trick or treaters, here's a "sweet" video of this equation using jelly beans.



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That’s one heck of an eye opener. I’ll be thinking about this daily from now on. Thank you!

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