Go Fast Don't Die II The TRUTH about Sturgis...

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally- Heck bent for leather. "STURGIS IS FOR FOR SAGGY CHESTS, TOO MUCH LEATHER AND DUSTY OLD FARTS." This is the feedback we were given last year when we announced that we'd be hosting a party at the Legendary Buffalo Chip called "Camp Zero" during the 78th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. As a brand who’s customer and audience demographic is disproportionately weighted in the 25-34 year old crowd, this is a common opinion of Sturgis Rally and other “old school” rally’s like it. So after hearing said feedback and heading to the rally to confirm or deny… did we go back? Were the rumors true? Read on, we’ll tell you truth. For those of you who don’t have...

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Roland Sands Interview // Hooligan Racing - The roots, the present, and the future

In pursuit of all the knowledge we can acquire around the sport of hooligan racing, motorcycle racing in general and the roots and history of where we are today, we sat down with the legendary road racer,  designer, and self-proclaimed “washed up motorycle racer”, Roland Sands. . . We talked about his  Superhooligan series, ( @superhooligans ) what is hooligan racing,  his history and where he sees the madness heading. Lend your ear. 🏍🏁 . . We’re working on a special project and growing our Race Division and support of the scene here at GFDD, so stay tuned to see more like this. Tap it, tag a friend, educate yourself and don’t change that dial. #TheTribeGrows 🏴  

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Where we headed next? It ain't the beach...

Ladies and gentlemen of the Outsider network,  We've been busy. So far this year we've gone from Wyoming to Portland, Portland to Milwaukee, Milwaukee to Florida, Florida to Austin and Austin down into the depths of old Mexico, over the sea and up the Baja.  Its been a ride.  Just as we returned home from the Baja and kicked off our boots in preparation for a glorious spring siesta, we got the call. Our friends up north, @TheRockeaters invited us to ride with them to a show we've never heard of, with people we don't know yet in a place we've never been. Now if you know us, you know the destination is rarely of any consequence when there are roads...

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The Biltwell EXFIL-80: The 44K Mile review

Biltwell EXFIL-80 We tried to kill it. It didn’t die. You know the gear reviews where they talk about how it “should” work?  This isn’t that kind of review, this is tried and true Re-view, not a pre-view. Last year, after using all manner of military duffels, backpacks, bungees, was mart sacks and other miscellaneous ill-advised luggage - we decided it was time for proper luggage for our trips, and set out to find the best gear for Moto-adventures of the GFDD variety.  One of the pieces of kit we decided to try out was the Exfil-80 from our friends at Biltwell. After 44,XXX miles, here’s what we’ve got: To start, we don’t just want to regurgitate the info that’s...

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