ByoCampout 2018: A series of funfortunate events, folie à deux... (PART II)

Vintage BMW’s, triumphs, dirt bikes and Harley’s took the to hills and clay where most of the bikes had really no business being, but damnit if it wasn’t fun. We wrecked bikes, we climbed hills, we jumped everything and we couldn’t help but smile at the reality of the present moment. There were no rules. There was no one yelling to “be careful” or “don’t do that” or really tell us anything. We felt free. We WERE free.

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ByoCampout 2018: A series of funfortunate events, PART 1...

It’s 12:18 AM, and we’re currently 502 miles in on a 1500 mile trip to who knows where, with who knows who for a full weekend of who knows what. Now you might ask; how did you get yourselves into this predicament? Well, we might answer. Let’s unravel... So there we were, minding our business, trying to figure out how to make our brand-used ‘91 Harley Davidson XL883 Sportster great again, when we felt that buzz in our pocket. It was a text message. This was no ordinary “boss texting to ask if you’ll work another Saturday” or your mom asking “why you didn’t have your helmet on in your Instagram story” kind of text... no, this text was different. A...

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