"It starts with one 🎶... " 🏁 ON ANY SUNDAYS

"What is in the way becomes the way."

- Aurelius


Would you rather lift a 30 pound bucket of water for a few minutes, or a glass of water for a year?

The year is about to change. No surprise.

Lists are being written about things people would like to change about themselves in the new year. No surprise.

Time sticks to its word, nearly everyone else does not. No surprise.

Imagine though if you did.

Actually pause for a moment and imagine it.

Imagine, instead of a list, if you just picked one thing. 

And then you actually did it.

Imagine if you picked the one thing that’d scare you the most to deal with.

The one thing that's exhausting to even think about.

The one thing that quietly haunts you day to day.


What if you didn’t make a list this year?

What if this year instead, you removed the single most bothersome part of your life?

What if that one thing was conquered/solved/removed/healed/talked about/finished/dealt with/put to rest, for the rest of your life?

Whatever that thing may be for you, would dealing with it now be more stressful or less stressful than living with it for another year (and another, and another, and another…)?

May peace be with you 🕊,

PS. Here's a short video about a glass of water.

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