Go Fast, Turn Left: The tale of Flat Out Friday. (an underdog story)

We flew into Milwaukee with just a matter of minutes to make it to the BMO Harris Bradley Center for “Flat Out Friday,” an Indoor Flat Track race hosted by Harley Davidson. It had been a mad dash shipping out gear, driving to DIA, catching a plane and snagging an Uber to the show, but we made it. First race was at 5:15 and we hopped out of our Honda Odyssey Uber at 5:03pm. It was cold, it was windy, it was rushed, and we were feelin’ it. Then something happened...

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Mama Tried Motorcycle Show

A year ago, we hadn’t sold more than a handful of Go Fast Don’t Die T-shirts, and those were to our close friends and fellow riding buddies around the states. Today, we just officially made the commitment to not only attend, but to sponsor and a vendor at Mama Tried. We’re humbled and STOKED! Over the past year, we’ve ridden over 50,000 miles, been in 2 different countries, sold gear in 16 different countries, every state but Delaware (where you at, Delaware?!?!), and met more friends on motorcycle trips and Moto-inspired events than we could have ever imagined. On the road, you meet friends and make family, fast. People always talk about when we might see each other next, and...

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What Is Cafe Racer Style

We all know it's not about what your ride, it's about how many times the hashtag of what you ride has been used on Instagram. A Honda CB750 is a safe bet but we'd suggest a Triumph Bonneville to separate yourself from the crowd, which is another key tenant of Cafe Racer Style... separating yourself from the crowd. Now, remember, it's also about letting the crowd know that you're separate from them. How? Let's start with selfies, no selfies... we're above that. You know your friend who has that old camera that doesn't work well? He'll take photos of you, you'll post them humbly, hiding the desperate hashtags below many, many bullet points.  We're all about quick rides over short distance,...

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Go Fast Don't Die

Go Fast Don’t Die is a brand that represents a lifestyle of risk, hustle and the pursuit of destroyed limits. It began as a one liner between friends and family on motorcycle runs and trips. Instead of saying “Be safe. Wear your helmet,” like your mom would say… our mom said “Go Fast, Don’t Die.” And so, we did. After the saying caught on, and GFDD tattoos started showing up amongst the crew, we decided we need the mantra on a T-Shirt. Go Fast Don’t Die is for the crowd that pulls a little more from that throttle after the assessment of risk says to back it off. It’s for those who look at the map and see more than...

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