"Say no to chronic..." 🏁 ON ANY SUNDAYS

“The right choice is hardly ever the easy choice.”

— Rick Riordan


A dog and two old friends were watching the sunset and catching up on life when one asked why the dog kept whimpering every few minutes.

The other replied, “Because right where he’s laying, there’s a small nail sticking out of the porch.”

The friend laughed and asked why he supposed the dog didn’t move somewhere else.

“I suppose it’s not hurting him enough to make the effort.”


There are two main types of pain, acute and chronic.

Acute pain is intense, it's immediate, it usually demands rapid attention.

Chronic pain, however, is bearable. You can let it hangout in the background for some time (or in some cases, your whole life) without ever addressing the source.


Any chance you can relate to the dog in this story?

Is there a long-term ache you are tolerating because it's not worth the short-term pain of doing something about it?

Or perhaps the familiar discomfort is a little less scary than the unknown if you were to change your situation?

Assuming there are no do-overs in this life, no rehearsals, no practice laps, no take-backs, (or in other words, if this is it...) wouldn't it make sense to make this experience a little better for ourselves and those closest to us if we can?

What nail (aka chronic pain) could you eliminate from your life this week if you would only get up and move over a few inches (aka make the effort)?


Stop... hammer time 🔨,

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