From a hospital bed... 🏁 ON ANY SUNDAYS

"As I write this from a hospital bed receiving chemo on my third cancer diagnosis in five years you can’t help but think...

Go fast, don’t die.

With every diagnosis comes a new lesson. You quickly learn nobody cares about your car, toys, or bank account.

People continue to show up knowing I’m broke and have in depth conversations about the future. The real strength in life also not having to fight loneliness after being forced back in the ring. Β 

GFDD has always been a place I’ve felt heard and respected. Another huge part of why this project has been such an honor.

May your biggest flex always be your friends."


Above is a message from our friend Nate Kissack written from a hospital bed as he faces his third battle with cancer.

It's a message about a project we’re working on with him that we found to be loud and convicting.

When it all goes bad, and it will, your people will remain.

May your biggest flex always be your friends.

If you were in trouble right now, who would/could you call?

If you were to receive a call like that, would you answer?

Maybe we spend this week serving and honoring the faucets that fill us.

This email is for you Nate,


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