Same same but different... 🏁 ON ANY SOMEDAY

"Don't just do something; stand there."


This is the only September 10th, 2023 you’ll ever have.

We’ll have more Septembers (maybe).

We’ll have more September 10ths. 

We’ll return to the same proverbial river many times, but we’ll never step in the same water. 

As we unwind for our 7th annual Devilstone Run through rainy Yellowstone (sorry we missed last week's email, we were huddling up around a campfire with friends far from any cell service), we’re reflecting on how we’ve run the same route 7 times - and not one of them have been the same experience. 

The bikes change. 

The people change. 

The environment, the economy, blah blah blah...

We’re leaning into living into exactly what this year is.

Not last year, not next year. 

The river and the water it has for us just this once, once in a lifetime. 

This week we give you permission to hit the pause button.

Pause on whatever the new project is you're working on.
Pause on your weekly date night.
Pause during you morning coffee.

And this time, take a moment to find what makes this time different.

What makes this time, once in a lifetime?

Same river, different water. 


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