Bring on the leather...we're going to Sturgis. #CampZero

"Sturgis is for for saggy chests, too much leather and dusty old farts."

This is the feedback we were given when we announced that we'd be hosting a party at the Legendary Buffalo Chip called "Camp Zero" during the 78th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Of course when we heard this we we cringed and nearly spat up our tough guy biker coffee. Should we back out? Tuck tail and run?  The last encounter with a saggy chest left us with quite the bad taste in our mouths. Not literally... just, you know... it wasn't fun. And too much leather? Sounds Swassy**. But dusty old farts... well, that was our shred of hope. You see, sometimes we rely so much on our youthful approach and unique enthusiasm that we forget about the folks once like us... who've been doing this stuff for the last... who knows... thousand years? Maybe there's some "how to" we can learn from the old timers of Sturgis and mix it in with our own ideas? Maybe, just maybe... we have a nice time  with new people on motorcycles. Which, if you've literally been paying 0 attention, is our very favorite thing to do. Well, we discussed it and we've made our decision…

  • We're going to Sturgis.
  • We're staying at Camp Zero
  • We're gonna have a heck of a nice time.

You see... fun isn't so much about where you go, and what you do... it's about your approach. Your attitude and your mindset towards the thing matter. A lot. So we're exhaling the negative and inhaling the dusty farts. We're choosing to attend this classic, traditional and yes, perhaps "old" event and make it fun in our own way. Whether you join us at Camp Zero, or go your own route, we hope you take the same mindset with you. We’re stoked to be working with the fine folks at the Buffalo Chip, collabing with our friends at the Wild Gypsy Tour, and enjoying life and time with the best of folks at the 78th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.


(*Swass in a common term amongst Moto-hipsters for swamp bottom, a condition where the booty sweat caused by excessive butt heat and leather seats makes for a terribly moist, and exceptionally icky type of discomfort.)

Here's the vibe from our friends at Camp Zero // Sturgis Buffalo Chip: 

CAMP ZERO is the launch site for raising hell and rallying like the old days—a place where you can party like it’s 1981 with other cheapskates who love rad bikes, dirtbag friends and wild parties during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.



With friends, an on-site bar and free showers, you’ll have everything you need to party, rinse and repeat, with none of that fancy red carpet stuffyou gotta pay more for somewhere else.

If you want music in camp, bring your own instruments cause nobody’s getting paid to play.

Wanna watch a race? Better pair up some friends.

Feel like a beer in the 75-year old barn? OK.If you wanna catch free concerts, bike shows and contests, or swill on an endless supply of dirt-cheap drinks, you can always head up right the street to the CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip.

See more about the CrossRoads in the Free Events Section below.


There’s plenty of space if you want to crash in a tent, van or camper. If you don’t have room on the back of the bike for a tent, you can sleep in the dirt like an animal OR rent an authentic, no-frills tipi with room for you and up to five of your friends, or more if you don’t care how many pile up on your floor.


Forget everything you think you know about the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and start from ZERO. Reinvent this true low-life moto-celebration for yourself by reserving your spot at CAMP ZERO.

Reserve Now!


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Candy And Don

2019…thanks guys for letting us tag along today. Loved the ride! Hugs!

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