The GFDD 2019 Manifesto... one for the books.

|| T H E • B E S T • Y E T || 


We made it. 🏴 2019. If you’re reading this you made it too. Here’s where our hearts are in the present moment...see if you can match our pulse. ~>

You know those years you look back on and think... “How are we ever gonna top that one” and “was that the best year of my life?”...2019 is gonna be one of those kinds of years. Let’s answer those questions with ACTION and brave, bold, fiery statements of our commitment to a life lived accordingly. Let’s make this the year where “someday” and “one of these days we’re gonna...” becomes “we actually did it.” We have memories with a lot of you, and this brand invests TIME to bank memories. Are you with us? Let’s just toss the life rafts and live a year of our best efforts. Why not now? Why not us? 

2019 is brand new. The pages are blank, the ink is in our hands. Let’s write one HELL of a story we can look back on knowing we didn’t just SURVIVE another spin cycle.

Let’s do this. #Outsiders #DoAllTheThings 🔥🔥🔥

We found the above photo captured by @brandon_lajoie (look him up) from an event called Motos In Moab, if you're unfamiliar. It was an event that attendees still talk about today, and images of dirt, motorcycles, flame-throwers and friends will forever be conjured by thinking back to it. The image, to some, is a memory of the best of times. We chose to feature it because our intention is to make 2019 the "those were the days" of our future. THESE ARE the days. They are numbered, they are limited and we intend to use them up with more than wishes and dreams. It won't be until we've lived our lives in full that we'll know which year was "best", but like any journey, the destination is secondary. We believe lifestyle should be based on fulfillment and we believe fulfillment lies in pursuing the things we dream of. The road, not the destination, is where we'll find our miracles. The destination is only an excuse to take the journey. Join us. 

"It is not in the pursuit of happiness that we find fulfillment, it is in the happiness of pursuit." -Denis Waitley

Love you guys, 

-GFDD Crew

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