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"We rise by lifting others."

―Robert G. Ingersoll

When Frank Sinatra was 78, he was still performing and the crowds kept coming. He’d have hit or miss nights but for the most part, even at his age, he kept bringing the heat.

Then one night he was singing at the Mark Auditorium with around 20,000 people in the audience. He went out and did three songs and was crushing it as usual, then got to the fourth song and totally blanked on the lyrics.

The orchestra was down in the pit in front of him and they kept playing, not knowing he was lost. 

Sinatra started whispering into the microphone, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry...”

At that moment, his crew believed it was over for Sinatra being onstage. They were wondering when the night would come, this was clearly it.

The orchestra finally caught on and stopped playing, creating an eerie silence in the arena. Sinatra had tears in his eyes and was just about to lay the microphone down when a man in the top balcony stood up and yelled, “That’s all right, Frank! It’s all right because we love you!”

And the man started to applaud. 

And the person next to him started to applaud.

And then hundreds of people started to applaud, then thousands, then the whole arena was clapping and cheering.

Sinatra turned around and went back to center stage. He went into the next number, which was ‘Mack the Knife,’ and he absolutely delivered it. He hit every nuance and every lyric like he was 19 years old again.

Once the song was done, the crowd was on their feet going nuts.

Before he went on the next song, he quieted the audience down, pointed up to the guy, and said, “I love you, too, pal.”

Sinatra sang for two more years after that.


We’re all fighting battles.

We’re all swimming in our personal ocean of fears and insecurities and sometimes all it takes to snap out of it is a faceless reminder that it’s ok, we’re still loved anyway.

This week, if the opportunity arises, we’d like to challenge you to be that voice in the back of the arena for someone who could use it.

And if that person happens to be you… 

“It’s alright. It’s alright because we love you.”

PS. Click here to hear the original firsthand story told by Tom Dreeson

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