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"Man is not worried by real problems so much as by his imagined anxieties about real problems."



A businessman on a trip to Chicago was having trouble sleeping one night.

He botched an important client presentation in front of his bosses earlier that day and wasn't sure if he would still have a job the next morning. Even though it was late in the night, he got dressed and went down to the hotel bar.

The only other person there was a tough-looking Polish bartender with a thick accent smoking a cigarette.

"Can I have a gin a tonic please?" asked the businessman.

The bartender took a long drag of her cigarette and replied, "Yes, you could have something dull, unremarkable... or you could have the best vodka you've ever had... up to you."

"Sure, yeah, I'll have the vodka..."

She reached deep under the bar and pulled out a bottle of Polish vodka, poured him a shot and one for herself.

As she was pouring, the businessman noticed a phrase tattooed on her hand. This was before tattoos were as popular and it looked as if it could've been self-made.

"What does that say?" he asked.

"20,000 years ago... not so good. You could get killed by a tiger, or bear, or you fall through the ice... you know? And we're here now because back then, we learned to freak out about danger... back then, everything was trying to kill you. But 20,000 years later, now we have a bad meeting, and we freak out... you know? But, it's not gonna kill us... ok? 

It says... Nie ma tygrysa. There is no tiger."


Is there something in your life causing you stress?
A potentially bad outcome that is keeping you up at night?

If this potential scenario was to happen, would it kill you?


Nie ma tygrysa, 🐅

PS. He found out later, the woman was not a hotel employee, just another guest like him who was up late and climbed behind the bar.

PPS. The man in this story is Neal Foard, listen to him tell the fantastic full version below. We heard his story this week and it hit home for us, hope it hits home for you too. If so, forward this email to someone you think should start their week with it also. 🙏🏼🏴

PPPS. We were so inspired by his story that we made a couple tees as a reminder.

@nealfoard Not everything at work is worth stressing over. #fyp #storytime #chicago #work #inspiration #laugh ♬ original sound - Neal Foard

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