Where we headed next? It ain't the beach...

Ladies and gentlemen of the Outsider network, 

We've been busy. So far this year we've gone from Wyoming to Portland, Portland to Milwaukee, Milwaukee to Florida, Florida to Austin and Austin down into the depths of old Mexico, over the sea and up the Baja. 

Its been a ride. 

Just as we returned home from the Baja and kicked off our boots in preparation for a glorious spring siesta, we got the call. Our friends up north, @TheRockeaters invited us to ride with them to a show we've never heard of, with people we don't know yet in a place we've never been. Now if you know us, you know the destination is rarely of any consequence when there are roads to be ridden and New Old Friends to be made, so after a long 7 second conversation consisting of a shrug and a reciprocated shrug nod combo, we said yes, and we cannot wait to see what it's all about.

Here's what we know: no water to the east, no water to the west, north or south... and if you run outta gas on the way takin' back roads... well... you might see our crew rollin' through. Watch our long, drawn out and overdramatized announcement 'til the end and come ride if you dare. 

See you out there. 

Landlocked Show 2019 Boise Idaho

-GFDD Crew 














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