Abraham Winkin' Velcro Patch

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Abraham Winkin' Velcro Patch
Abraham Winkin' Velcro Patch

Got a vest? Jacket? Fanny pack that needs that special touch? Something to say "Yeah I've got a fanny pack, 'cus I pack a fine fanny, guy." Something that says "This is my rad denim, there are many like it, but this one is mine, eh?" Perhaps a jacket that just needs some volume? Why not embrace the heck in your style and turn it to 11? Sound like you? You're in luck. We've got a patch for that. 

The More Miles More Smiles Velcro Patch

2" diameter. 

*sold individually 


"More Miles, More Smiles."
-Our hearts

"What is truly important to me?" 

This line inspired by that question.

This line is an invitation. 

An invitation to today and to better days ahead. Miles is the time and smiles is representative of how you choose to spend it. 

Here's to experiencing what life we have left to live with gratitude for the good in it, awareness of its fragility, and its terms that read "subject to change without warning." Here's to moving forward collectively as believers in our own story's potential. Here's to remembering a time when we re-arranged our priorities and honoring that time with the time that remains. 

More Miles, More SMILES.🏴

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Cute patch!

Love this little patch! Love the saying, it makes me smile and brings joy! Nice quality as well.