5 things to bring on a motorycle trip: DevilStone Run 2 edition.

5 things to bring on the DevilStone Run
1.) A SMILEDon’t let nervousness, expectation or ego get in the way of a genuinely good time. Everyone is welcome on this trip, there is no hierarchy, we’re all just friends riding motorcycles through gorgeous land with good people. 
2.) Camping gear. There are hotels along the way and we’ve got deals for Friday and Saturday, but camping is covered with registration and most of us will be in a tent and sleeping bag. Bring a quality sleeping bag, Wyoming nights get chilly. ;) If you’re one of those @KalenThorien types with every piece of camping kit on planet earth, you’ll be stellar. If not, just make sure you’ve got a warm bag. Tent it or sleep under the stars. This is about freedom. Do you. 
3.) Tools. We don’t mean your 33 year old brother with the matching track red suit and visor, we mean Craftsman, baby. Everyone breaks down, don’t be stranded on the side of the road while the rest of the crew charges to kick it with the Bison. Bring necessary tools for your bike, we’ll gladly help wherever we can, but this trip is every man/ woman for themselves. At the very least, bring some tape and a monkey wrench ;) 
4.) Camera. If we didn’t mention it, Wyoming is pretty. The mountains are rad, Devil’s Tower is dope, and Yellowstone is a bucket list visit for most of the world. You’ll know when we get there, #AsianInvasion. Last year we were joined by an unregistered Bison in the road with our crew. Typing is hard and a picture paints a thousand words or something poetic like that. Bring a camera. A good phone cam will do, but have something. Part of our goals for this trip is to tell the story to future riders, so help us encourage them by sharing on your social channels. Use #GoFastDontDie #DevilStoneRun  and #DSR2. Prizes will be given for top photos!!
5.) Warm clothes. It’s looking like another year of gorgeous weather for us, but don’t let the forecast fool you. Wyoming mountains and the elevation have a way of deceiving you. Don’t be cold, it makes it hard to smile. Bring long johns, bring proper gear. We love you too much to have your trip be tainted by teeth chatters and swear words in your helmet. Be warm, enjoy the ride, enjoy the scenery. 
Most of all bring an open mind and get ready to leave with new old friends. We love the magic of motorcycle trips, and we look forward to riding, hanging and adventuring with every one of you. Kickstands up at 11AM at Devil’s Tower Friday. Registered or not registered, we encourage each and every one of you to join the ride for any length of time. Let’s celebrate motorcycles, community and the freedom we have to enjoy them. See you all out there. 🏍⚡️

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