"Did you hear the one about..." 🏁 ON ANY SUNDAYS

"I hope I didn't bore you too much with my life story"

―Elvis Presley

The longest biography is 66 hours long on audio.
Which is less than three days total.
Which means the author left out nearly everything.
Which means entire biographies could be written on the same person and be entirely different books.

A life story can be told in many different ways, the only thing that changes is the way you tell it.

When thinking about your story, what’s it about?
Is it a biopic of a fighter who overcomes adversity or a victim who never gets a break?
A person who grows from their mistakes or is defined by them?
Someone who rolls the dice and takes chances or someone who watches Netflix documentaries about people who did?

Do you like it so far?
What if you changed the focus points?
Is there something new the story could use?
Something you’d like to remove?
Is this something that can be done before the year ends?
Something you can start this week?

One day where you are now, what you're doing in this chapter will no longer be where you are, but where you WERE.

The rest of your autobiography is up to you, and only you. Finish this sentence...

"So there I was..."

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