Waht’s up Devilstoners?

We’re approaching the 5th year of Go Fast Don’t Die’s Annual Devilstone Run. “A wild quest through the wild west” is how we’ve been known to describe it — a journey that started as a way to bring us home from further roads to enjoy our backyard’s finest treasures with our friends and family. 

Beginning at Devils Tower, WY and ending in the infamous Yellowstone National Park, the Devilstone Run has grown not only in numbers, but also in heart, meaning, and significance for those who make the 415-mile journey across Wyoming.

It’s become a staple of our motorcycle season and something the GFDD crew cherishes: a weekend to spend with new old friends, sharing stories from the road, catching up, and bonding over the love of two wheels (or four, or sixteen). 

For DSR5, we’re excited for the return of our Devilstone veterans, and we’re stoked to welcome any and all newcomers, especially as we’ve tweaked the event and added extra amenities to spice things up a bit. 

What’s new this year, you ask?

  • More group meals. Meals eaten together are where the friendships form. We’ll handle the grub so you can handle the hang. 

  • Help getting around (feat. the Go Fast Don't Die Shuttle). After we arrive at the destination for the day, we provide the ride between the bed and the beer so you don't have to worry about the commute. 

  • A new Grand Finale: Teton Overlook for a final soiree.  We’re adding an additional night of festivities at the world-class Heart Six Ranch in Moran, overlooking the Grand Tetons, for an unforgettable closing party. 

  • Additional excursions along the route. Every day includes options to add on adventure...spend less time planning and more time riding around Wyoming’s wonders. 

  • All-new Activities and Entertainment. Each day has something to keep you smiling and thinking about what it all means. Whether it’s a discussion around a campfire, a poet sharing words of insight, a flatpicker strumming the guitar, or a contortionist — we will have something to inspire awe and make you think.  

So join us, whoever you are and whatever you ride, for a few miles or the entire adventure. 2021 promises to be radder than last year (hard to believe, we know), so grab a friend, and embark on...A Wild Quest through the Wild West.

Register and grab your tickets while they’re hot right here at https://www.devilstonerun.com/tickets 

Ready. Set. Go. 🏴

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