Full Tanks-Giving • 10 things we're thankful for from 2018

2018 has been good to us. In the spirit of reflection and thanksgiving, we wanted to share 10 things we’re thankful for from this year, starting with YOU... 

1.) New Old Friends 

Lots of miles, lots of smiles in 2018. Destinations, shows, roads and parties... none of them can compete with number one on our list: Yup, it’s you. We’re kickin’ this list off with you, the friends we’ve made along the way. There’s something magical about relationships made on the road where a weekend’s time can turn into a lifelong friendship. It’s out literal favorite. We’ve prided ourselves on making gear inspired by what inspires us on the road (hence the New Old Friends Tee), and we’re not hesitant to say what has inspired us most is the beautiful souls, the lost boys, the rebel babes and all the individuals in between that we’ve been blessed to meet because of motorcycles and the places the take us. We’re thankful for every one of you we’ve met along the way; we hope the list keeps growin’ and growin’.  

2.) Mama Tried Show 

This brand launched on the road. We were literally riding motorcycles the day GFDD launched and our first show we attended was this year, Mama Tried Show 2018. We didn’t know what we were doing, but the show looked rad and in the dead of winter and snow covered roads, it didn’t take much to convince us to pack up some gear and go kick it with the Milwaukee crowd. From the moment we arrived, we met real people with lime minds and a mutual interest in fun and motorcycles. Our booth at the show was packed from opening bell, meeting folks who followed the brand and conversing on trips of old and what was to come. Hooligan races, custom builds, Biltwell's Frijole 883... Mama Tried Show was a trip and we're STOKED to be heading back to Milwaukee to kick off our 2019 year. If you're going, plan on kickin' it with the GFDD crew. 


3.) New Riders 
-Neil Gaiman 
We’ve seen more people join our “tribe” in the form of choosing to ride a motorycle as a means of expression than ever before. People have messaged us letting us know we were a part of their decision or that they were pursuing getting a bike and a license so they could participate in our lifestyle. This means more “New Old Friends” and that means the world to us. We’re thankful for the new riders out there from 2018, we hope if you know one, you’ll share this with them and let them know. :)

4.) Lust 4 Dust Run (Ride to Mexico!) 
“ When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”
-Hunter S. Thompson 
10,000 miles in April. 3 different countries, 10 different people traveling on motorcycles through Mexico to see friends made because of a mutual interest in motorcycles. 100 different stories we could share from south of the border, some we probably shouldn’t. The real miracle is this kind of thing is motorcycle inspired. We’d have never done this had it not been for a mutual interest in motorcycles. Check out #Lust4DustRun or DM us for more info, just know we’re grateful for this trip, the friends met and the memories made. 

5.) Handbuilt Show
God Bless TEXAS!!! After the Lust 4 Dust Run into Mexico we rode to Austin, TX for the hand-built show. The show was incredible, the bikes were unreal and the spectacle of it was something everyone in moto should experience at least once. However, it was yet again the people we met and reunited with that made this show one for the tanks-giving list. Ranch parties, night rides, day rides, cliff jumping and shooting guns only common to Texans...it didn’t suck. Crashing a Triumph party (we love you Triumph), randomly riding to San Antonio to see our friend David Ramirez play...DGR Pat even gave us his house!!! The love, care and hospitality shown to us by our family in Texas is unrivaled and we are thankful for each and everyone one of them (or you, if you’re a Texan! We’ll be back, let’s ride.) 

6.) BYO Campout 
We were given a set of coordinates, a date and told to bring our own beer, boobs, and bikes. We loaded up our van, Vanna White and did all three. The weekend was different. Camping with more NOF’s, dirt biking swing-arm city’s unique terrain and partying in the middle of nowhere with a DJ, fireworks and motorcycles... we’re still not sure it was even real. This campout resulted in as many friendships as we’ve ever made on a moto trip and it is an absolute must for our tanks-giving list. If you were there, we love you and we miss you. If you weren’t... well, check out our blog about it. That was early on in the year when we thought we’d be able to tell every road story. We were wrong. Sue us ;) 

7.) The Born Free Trip
Born Free... a moto-oasis in the hills of Southern California. No cell service, a guaranteed sunburn, choppers, Dynas, a halfpipe and all the 805 beer you can afford. Haha, the show was rad... but the ride from Wyoming was unreal. 120° temps through Nevada, a party in a ghost town that turned out to be A LOT smaller (in a great way) than we anticipated. Swimming holes we didn’t know existed, sweaty everything and memories we’ll treasure until we die or forget ‘em. The CAMOFORNIA Hoodie on our site was inspired by this trip after Nik Dean, Kalen Thorien, Brady and Big Rob we’re all wearing Camo before riding to the show. One couple who met on that trip even got married... I mean... dang. We’ll forever be thankful for the Born Free Trip of 2018. 

8.) Culture Shift
One of our themes since launching this brand has been “Ride Whatever.” We’ve seen a shift in culture and a growing number of riders that HONESTLY couldn’t care less about what others are riding. They’re just grateful for the friends, the memories and the experiences we get to have because of mutual interests in motorcycles and the places they take us. We’re not taking credit for culture shift, but we’ll damn sure continue to contribute to a less ego, more we-go kind of community in moto. We love it. We LOVE it. To all of you who choose to enjoy and  appreciate all that this community has to offer, we’re thankful for you. We invite anyone who is stuck in old ways and ego driven ethos, to try letting it go, for dear life. 

9.) Sturgis 
The launch of Camp Zero. The 100 miles mini-bike enduro race with the gambler crew. The hooligan flat track races with the Buffalo Chip. The moto party with the Wild Gypsy Tour, LED Sled Crew, Buffalo Chip, Coleman, and everyone else who showed up... guys, Sturgis was a blast. The black hills are magic when it comes to riding motorcycles. It means a lot to us because it’s where we grew up riding. We were afraid it was old news, old guard and on its way out. This year gave us hope for new life and a future for this rally we grew up attending. We’re thankful for all of our friends and memories made in Sturgis, thank you all. 
Side note- In a very unexpected turn of events, we also fulfilled childhood dreams of seeing Nelly. In Sturgis. What a time. 

10.) DevilStone Run 
A Wild Quest through the Wild West. DevilStone Run is our run. It’s our opportunity to invite all of the great people we meet throughout the year to come up to our neck of the woods for a good old-fashioned motorcycle ride with friends. From Devils Tower to Yellowstone National Park in finishing in Jackson Wyoming, this trip is one for the books. National monument, national park, mountains, small towns, sleeping in teepees, dance parties, natural wonders, wildlife and wild living... DevilStone Run is one we’ll do every year until we can’t anymore. We’re so, so grateful for everyone who came out to ride with us. It wasn’t fancy, it was minimally organized and it was one for our history book. We love this Run, and we’re so thankful not only for the ability and support to put it on, but for all of the people who came out just to ride motorcycles and camp with us. Thank you.

Come next year! --> www.DevilStoneRun.com 
This list is brimming with experiences we’ve been blessed to have this year thanks not only to motorcycles and a mutual interest in their utility, but the people who take the initiative to join us on these adventure. The people who could sit around watching Netflix on their weekends or save their vacation time for that basic, insta-worthy resort trip to Cancun but choose to get out and explore the road. You choose to experience more. To embrace danger and the risk of failure, breakdown and possible death (Don’t Die) for the possibility of something more, something with depth. You choose to explore the various offerings of unconventional travel, new people, new places and things. You choose to ride outside the lines of common living and contribute to a culture of fast-living, fun-having, free people. We’re thankful for you. All of you. You are the inspiration for this brand, the representatives of our ethos and the impetus of our new line. 
You are #Outsiders. 
And we’re thankful for you. We hope you’ll let us know if you can relate to this post, and share with a friend in this community who you’re thankful for. 2018 has been an amazing year for the best of times with the best of people. We’re thankful for all of you who have supported our brand since we started, and those of you who are just finding us. Thank you :) 
Happy Tanks-giving from your friends at GFDD! 
-Your Friends at GFDD 

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