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"One cannot pursue one’s own highest good without at the same time necessarily promoting the good of others... Seeking the very best in ourselves means actively caring for the welfare of other human beings."

— Epictetus


Are you looking to…

Make the world a better place?
Remove stress from your day?
Climb out of a funk you’ve been in?
Create fulfillment in your life?


Step 1: Go outside

Step 2: Help someone else
The world is pretty tense right now, both domestically and internationally, and there are infinite ways to provide some relief for those who could use it. 

As for the powerful self-help therapy that comes from helping someone in need, think of it as a bonus.

We dare you to try,

PS. Need a good place to start? When someone is troubled, simply lend an ear and ask them why. And if they tell you, listen.



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