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"It's not the plane, it's the pilot."

- Maverick, Top Gun 2

In 1979, Air New Zealand flight 901 crashed into Mount Erebus in Antarctica and killed all 279 people on board.

The cause was a 2° change in the flight coordinates placing the aircraft 28 miles east of where the pilots thought they were.

Seem a little dramatic for a little 2° delta?

In aviation there’s a formula called the 1 in 60 Rule.

A full circle is 360° (surprise).

If a plane’s heading is 1° off course, it will veer 1 mile off from its destination every 60 miles flown.

Easily correctable, but if left unchecked, 1° could become several miles in the slightly wrong direction every hour.

So, we’re two weeks into 2023.

Where are you now?
What’s your destination?
Is it worth taking a moment to look at the map?

When you get there drop us a pin 📍,

PS. Two weeks ago we sent you an exercise for seeing where you’ve been to help get a good idea on you’re headed in life if left on auto-pilot. 10/10 stars. Highly recommend giving it a try. Click here.

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