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At GFDD, we’re about simultaneously growing the culture and community of moto-inspired individuals and making it smaller. We’re kicking it off with a legit ray of moto sunshine and one of our favorite characters pushing women’s moto culture forward, Ms. Kelly Yazdi. We met Kelly while causing a ruckus near the Wild Gypsy Tour campground in a Sturgis, South Dakota. She didn’t stop the ruckus, she joined in and now Kelly is, in her words, GFDD Ohana. :) 

Without further adieu, let’s take a look into the motor and fuel tank of Ms. Yazdi... 

Name : Kelly Yazdi

From: Minnesota made, California grown, Alaska native, based in Hawaii


Kelly, give a brief intro on yourself for those not yet aware of Kelly Yazdi... 

KY:  Aloha is my way of life and I’m obsessed with purpose, passion and connection. I have a serious love for my dogs, motorcycles, awesome folks, traveling and anything that gives me an adrenaline rush. I believe in working hard, being humble, living with joy, doing what you love, and giving zero fucks about anything/anyone that doesn’t light your soul on fire. Stay Wild. Live Passionately. Rock On. Ohana Forever.


1.) What do you ride

KY: Anything with two wheels; hell anything with four wheels. Haven’t tried a one wheel yet, but I wouldn’t put it past me to try it. Typically you’ll find me on my Indian Scout Bobber, or another two wheel beauty.

2.) Why do you ride?

KY: Damn good question... will probably chew on that for the rest of my life.
I ride because the act of doing so brings me the closest to my true self that I have ever experienced. There’s something about the feeling riding gives me; the freedom and expansiveness, its intoxicating.
Beyond the internal euphoria it brings me, it’s also because of the love that goes beyond the ride... It’s the commnity, the ohana, the events, the adventure, and all of the elements that make it into a lifestyle worth living.
To ride is to live.


3.) Best trip you’ve ever done and why?

KY: Honestly, the best trip I’ve ever done was around the island of O’ahu; a route that does not count for many miles but rather the quality.
To ride on the Kamehameha Highway next to the ocean - as the wind brushes your hair, rainbows beam from the sky, and the sea breeze kisses your face- is out of this world. It’s like being a part of Mother Nature’s dance; it’s magical. Now that I live on the island, I get to experience this frequently, and it often brings me tears of joy. 


4.) Share your favorite memory from the road...

KY: There are so many, but I will say that they all include riding with Ohana. Nothing better than getting to experience the thrills of life with your wolf pack. 


5.) Share a unique perspective from your experience in moto, something most may not have considered or something that’s unique to you as an individual...

KY: I’ll share with you a story about when I was 18 years old, and hopefully it will resonate with anyone reading this...
Growing up in rural Minnesota, I had a naturally affinity with the outdoors and anything that could carry me faster than my own two feet. I started horseback riding as a young girl, and that eventually turned into biking, dirt biking and beyond. I knew in my heart that I wanted to always do this “thing” that brings me joy... and so when I turned 18, my birthday present to myself was getting my M1 license. And I did exactly that. That “thing” that made my heart sing has since been my force, my anchor, and my compass in life.
My point of telling you that is to share with you the power of following your passions. I never considered making riding into anything more than a lifestyle, but it became that and so much more. It’s now my career and I’mbeyond thankful for it.
Whoever you are - motornerd, two wheel enthusiast, or any human wondering what to do with your life- listen to heart; it knows the language of the soul, and if you listen, it will lead you to your purpose.

6.) What’s your message to the community of moto and those considering diving in?

KY:  “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuation. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.” -Steve Jobs

“ Remember that whever your heart is, there you wil find your treasure.” -Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Stay Wild. - Kelly Yazdi

Follow Kelly and her adventures @KellyYazdi. Thanks Kelly for taking the time and giving your love and energy to this growing culture and community of moto enthused adventurer seekers. Ohana Forever. 


-GFDD Crew

 Images by @GoFastDontDie, @NathalieK and @Peteramend



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