"Less weakdays plz..." ūüŹĀ ON ANY SUNDAYS

"If you don't have time to meditate for an hour everyday, you should meditate for two hours."

‚ÄēZen Proverb

The simplest way to begin a great story is to begin.

There are a million different wake up routines and an abundance of free information regarding benefits of getting more sunlight, not looking at your phone, exercising, etc.

What we should do is not a secret.

So, this week we have an invitation for you.

The GFDD morning routine challenge for you is this:

BEFORE you "begin" your daily bread-makin', make the time to achieve the following...

1. Do something hard
2. Read something good
3. Write something true

And those can be whatever they mean for you. If that's a workout, or a cold shower, or meditation, perfect. If it's journaling, texting a message of gratitude to a friend while eating a banana instead of a donut, great. Choose your own adventure.

The most important piece is to pay attention to is how you feel when you're done. Make a note. In seven days, we'll follow up and see how it went.

Well begun, is halfway done...

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