"Life won't wait" 🏁 On Any Sundays


"At some point in your childhood, you and your friends went outside to play together for the last time and nobody knew it."

— Unknown


This weekend we lost a local member of the tribe. 

This weekend there's been a lot of questions, a lot of pain, and a sobering reminder of how little control we actually have in all of this. Two of those questions we've asked each other and ourselves this weekend are...
What does a "successful life" look like to you?

How close are you living your life right now compared to the one you just described?
Love your friends.
Love, your friends.

RIP Denny ❤️


Save the wallpaper we've made for you above as a reminder to engage this week in conversations around your potential, the potential of your tribe, and to help in writing your best story.


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