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The Price

- Stuart Henson

Sometimes it catches when the fumes rise up

among the throbbing lights of cars, or as 

you look away to dodge eye-contact with 

your own reflection in the carriage-glass; 

or in a waiting-room a face reminds you 

that the colour supplements have lied 

and some have pleasure and some pay the price. 


Then all the small securities you built 

about your house, your desk, your calendar 

are blown like straws; and momentarily, 

as if a scent of ivy or the earth 

had opened up a childhood door, you pause, 

to take the measure of what might have been 

against the kind of life you settled for.



Yesterday was the start of a new year. One can argue it’s just a normal day like any other and they might be right, but it’s also a marker, a reminder that another year of your life has passed. A year you will never get back. A year that is 365 days closer to your last. 

Here's the takeaway...

No matter your past, the future is spotless. If you ever find yourself taking an honest look at your story so far (without comparing your journey to anyone else's) and feel like there should be more, it's never too late to change things.

It’s never too late to be bold.


Happy New Year ❤️,

PS. Today's thoughts were inspired by William Seighart's 'The Poetry Remedy'. 11/10 recommend.




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