Sturgis Buffalo Chip | Field of Flags

|| F I E L D • O F • F A L L E N ||


We had the honor of helping set flags at the @sturgisbuffalochip yesterday in their 

Field of Flags. Regardless of your politics, take a moment today to consider that each of these flags represents tens of thousands of young men and women who lost their lives fighting for something they believed in. Too often we get so far removed behind the safety of our screens and distrust of the media that we forget that each of these lives was someone’s son, someone’s daughter, brother, friend, etc. The truth is that much of the freedom we have is afforded by the efforts of many we too often forget. Grateful for families like the Woodruff’s and small communities Sturgis, SD that spend the time, the energy and the money to pay tribute to these lives. If you’re coming with us to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this year, take a few minutes to check out this field and feel its energy. We’ll be honoring these lives by using every ounce of freedom we’re given and living every moment to its full potential. Whatever breathes we have left in this world, the men and women of this field have further inspired us to use each one well. Let’s do this. 🇺🇸


Field of Flags

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