"Myth becomes myth not in the living, but in the retelling."

‚Äď David Maraniss

Have you ever heard the expression, "The good 'ol days"?

Maybe you've even said it before?

If so, when exactly were those days?

It's funny how some of the most stressful years of our lives - high school, college, times where we felt like we were seeking and searching for our spot to land on this rock - we look back now and refer to them as some magical times that were inherently better than the ones we're in now. Isn't that wild? What does that perspective do to (and more importantly for) our present? As if there's some ceiling that exists today where even the best today couldn't compete mediocre yesterdays. Ever feel that way? 

The "Good Ol' Days" phenomenon exists because we let go of memories of what was causing us stress and we hold onto the memories worthy of recalling. A first kiss - you tell the story of where/ when but maybe forget that you really had to fart the whole time. A road trip - you remember where you went, who with and the waterfall you jumped into but you don't remember worrying about having to go back to work when it was over. The little things fade, the memories remain and mature like a fine wine. 

Perhaps it was during a time when...

We had the longest life expectancy in history...

It was the most peaceful time in history...

Food has never been more abundant...

Education & information has never been more available...

We had the lowest crime rate in history...

We had less poverty than any other time in history...

Technology was never as advanced or more accessible...

Healthcare has never been better or more accessible...

Travel and exploration was the most affordable...

Is it possible (even with our current areas that could use massive improvement) that right now is the best and easiest time in human history to be alive?

Is it possible that "The Good ol' Days" is a choice? Is it possible that you'll tell the story of this chapter in 5-10 years and refer to it as another version of "The Good Ol' Days"?

If so, start by saying 'Remember when..." and describe your current scenario. What's missing from the story? What can you do today, this week, this month, this year to make it a story you LOVE to tell?

And if so, we can't wait to see what happens this season starring YOU, that we'll tell for decades to come.

Happy Sunday, folks.

You are, in this moment - as old and wise as you've ever been and as young as you'll ever be again.

Forward this to the people you want in this chapter of your G.O.D. story.

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