"You cannot control what happens to you in life, but you can always control what you will feel and do about what happens to you."

—Viktor E. Frankl

There were twin brothers in a small village in the Eastern Cape. Their father was an alcoholic, their mother a domestic worker, and they grew up knowing nothing but poverty.

The brothers' living conditions became worse when both of their parents were involved in a deadly bus accident.

By age 17, the twins were no longer speaking to each other and separated. Each going down their own path.

When a family member located them both for a family reunion a decade later, one of the brothers was a wealthy engineer owning a construction company. He had a wife and three beautiful kids. The other was an alcoholic with no sense of direction for his life.

The family member asked the engineer, "How did your life turn out like this?"

"What did you expect with a childhood like mine?" he answered.

She asked the alcoholic brother the same question...

"What did you expect with a childhood like mine?" he answered.


When thinking about life’s current challenges, what story are you telling yourself?

Is there a different perspective that could better serve your story?


One life.

One story.

You die in the end.

The rest is up to you.

You're already here, might as well do something magnificent.

Save the wallpaper we've made for you above as a reminder to engage this week in conversations around your potential, the potential of your tribe, and to help in writing your best story.

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Crystal Kittelman

The potential of any tribe- good tribe is to leave a positive footprint or legacy behind. Each day EACH AND EVERY single time that you wake up it is another chance to be better than yesterday, smile more, love more and LIVE more. If able definitely ride more! Thank you for your amazing platform, gear and giving back!
Windsisters Of Colorado

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