What Is Cafe Racer Style

We all know it's not about what your ride, it's about how many times the hashtag of what you ride has been used on Instagram. A Honda CB750 is a safe bet but we'd suggest a Triumph Bonneville to separate yourself from the crowd, which is another key tenant of Cafe Racer Style... separating yourself from the crowd. Now, remember, it's also about letting the crowd know that you're separate from them. How? Let's start with selfies, no selfies... we're above that. You know your friend who has that old camera that doesn't work well? He'll take photos of you, you'll post them humbly, hiding the desperate hashtags below many, many bullet points.  We're all about quick rides over short distance, more time for look-away photos at our espresso ridden destination. (lighting is already set-up, just fuel up, throw on your Biltwell Gringo for safety (style, duh) and we'll meet you there. No leather suspenders? GTFO.

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