"What's my age again?..." 🏁 ON ANY SUNDAYS

"Life's too short to last long."

―Blink 182

Two woodcutters named Tony and Tyler decided to compete to see who could cut down more trees by the end of the day. 

About about an hour or so after they started chopping, Tony paused, sat down to take a break and invited Tyler to join him. 

“No chance. You go ahead though,” Tyler laughed.

“Suit yourself.”

This pattern repeated itself several times. Every so often, Tony would pause his chopping to rest, while Tyler kept swinging away.

At the end of the day, it came time to declare a winner and Tyler was astonished to find Tony had cut a significantly greater amount of wood.

“How is that possible? You spent far less time chopping than I did. I never took a break!”

Tony replied, “Every time I sat down, I sharpened my axe.”


Are you a "slave to the grind"?

Remember that REST is a part of the grind.

Remember that you were born for more than to stack paper, pay bills, and die.

We're bored to death of the narrative.

What do you have planned this week/month/season that sharpens your "axe" at a soul-deep level?

If there's nothing on the calendar, what are a few good days you can cross off to do whatever that is for you?

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

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