"Yeah but what if they see you?..." 🏁 ON ANY SUNDAYS

"L’art pour l'art"

―Victor Cousin

Please, please read this one guys - all the way through. it's short and it matters. 🙏🏽🏴

Have you ever done anything that's earned praise?

From a friend, teacher, or loved one?

Scored a goal...
Won a race...
Drew a picture...
Passed a test...

How did it feel? 

Did you continue doing it but for some reason stopped achieving the same trophies, gold stars, or pats on the back?

Well, then what?

If you're like most people, you stopped.

You put the guitar down. You put the ball away. You "Grew Up".

When was the last time you talked yourself out of doing something you used to love to do?

Or from trying something totally new that seems like it could be fun?

"What if I look dumb?"
"I'm too old for this"
"How will this advance my career?"

Where is the rule that says you have to be good to try?
Where is the rule that says you have to be good at all?
What if you didn't need the external validation?

Maybe there is no other purpose besides the fact that doing it will bring you joy?

“Art for art’s sake”




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