Don't Lose, Heart Hoodie Black

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Don't Lose, Heart Hoodie Black
Don't Lose, Heart Hoodie Black
Don't Lose, Heart Hoodie Black
Don't Lose, Heart Hoodie Black
Don't Lose, Heart Hoodie Black
Don't Lose, Heart Hoodie Black

The “Don’t Lose, Heart” Hoodie

This piece is rooted in the small stuff, the “death by a thousand cuts”, the rock in your shoe keeping you from your life’s summit.

It’s a fan club jersey for that beating heart in your chest. It beats for a reason and it’s not just to eat, sleep, pay bills and die.

Negative self talk, talking down instead of toasting your accomplishments, “I’m not good enough”, “maybe another day”, “I’m not ______ enough.” These are the enemies of your hearts desire for your life - destroy them.

Don’t Lose, Heart Tee - Destroy what Destroys You Collection 22/23

We don’t care what you wear, we just care that you wear what you care about.

"To grow, therefore, is to…find a message hidden in sight on a garment. An epistle of purpose to find threat and disarm it. The roadblocks on the path are the path just the same. Fear of destruction is the stone in the way. To put death to the stopping is to stop death in small doses, to kill our life’s weeds gives life to its roses. Name the parts that prevent the best story of you — it’s not the mountain that kills you, it’s the rock in your shoe…destroy what destroys you."

Customer Reviews

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So soft and sweet message :)

This hoodie is so soft and comfy. It's heavy weight with high quality fabric and graphics and so sooo soft. I said that already, but it's worth mentioning again. So soft!!! I'm usually a happy medium but I ordered this in an extra large and it's the perfect oversize fit I was looking for. Also, can't go wrong with the message, it made me happy and I like spreading that around by wearing it. :)

Garat Grant
Dope as AF

I love everything about this hoodie. The feel the fit the messaging the artwork.
It’s perfect.

Dillon Percival
Awesome design!

Love the design on this hoodie, both front and back. The colors, the message, the whole thing. I will say the hoodie is super thick and stiff… very warm, but not as comfortable as any of my other hoodies. Still like it for the message.